FROBERA introduces summer and starts the strawberry season!

The strawberry season is the first on our calendar of berries. As soon as you smell the summer, you smell strawberries as well. So the season has already begun and FROBERA’s team carefully selects the best and the highest quality products. We buy strawberries from reliable Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian farmers. Since the season for these fragrant berries lasts for a relatively short period of time – and we want our customers to enjoy the strawberry harvest for a longer period of time – we clean, wash, and freeze the berries. Freezing preserves the nutritional value and quality of precipitously deteriorating berries.

Since the season has already begun, let’s find out why strawberries are so special and useful for the human body:

• Strawberries are rich in antioxidants. They are an excellent remedy for cardiovascular diseases: they improve cardiac function – blood vessels  become more elastic and blood pressure becomes lower. They also reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the aging process. In addition, antioxidants strengthen the immune system and can help protect the human body against diseases;
• Strawberries have more vitamin C than citrus fruits. 100 g of strawberries have more vitamin C than the required daily intake;
• Strawberries, including the wild ones, contain B2, B5, B6, and vitamin K;
• Strawberries have a great number of folic acid (vitamin B9) which improves memory.

Let’s enjoy fresh strawberries and prepare our winter supplies!